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Find my friends: Stalkerish or a damn useful app?

“Find my friend, more like the Husband Tracker”
“That’s so weird. Why would you ever get that app. It puts a new meaning on stalker”

Comments from the uninformed!

APPLE’S recent Find my friends app, relseased along with its new operating system iOS 5, has been the cause for much debate across mobile users on where we are moving in terms of privacy. With this app, we can now know exactly (the accuracy is pretty damn good) where our friends, family members, and yes partners are at any time of the day.

STALKER!…. Not quite.

What a lot of people look past is the systems simple privacy options to be able to block anyone being able to see where you are at any time. By doing this, people then look past the amazing abilities this app can then make for their lives.

The TEMPORARY EVENTS function is definitely a keeper, and that seems to have silenced a few critics. In the temporary event, you set up an event and time period for how long you can see you and your friends before you disappear on the map. So festivals, days at the beach, and most importantly, DRUNKEN NIGHTS IN THE CITY, will allow you to never get lost! AND you can even stalk your friends to see whose house they went home to until the event is over 😉


Facebook has check-in options already and facebook as a whole is pretty much just a massive stalking website. People are getting more and more use to it. But if privacy is a concern, just remember that you choose who follows you. If you’re good enough friends with someone to allow them to follow you, then you won’t really care about them knowing where you are, in fact in can make things quite useful whenever needing to meet up in unknown locations, or to see how far someone is away when they’re running late.

Sure cheating partners can get caught out with this app. But hey, you shouldn’t be cheating in the first place.

Happy stalking.

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