The AB Hotel Glebe

A relatively thriving local pub in the heart of Glebe, brings variety and coziness to an otherwise bleak evening


Location: Corner of Bridge Rd. and Glebe Pt Rd.

Atmosphere: With rain pounding down the window panes, a level of coziness was produced within the establishment through a warm timber aesthetic, and old fashioned beer taps. Being a rainy Tuesday evening, the pub managed to contain a nice variety of patrons; families, friends, couples, but with old regulars seemingly dominating the entirety of the place. There was a well set sports bar area, which would thrive during a State of Origin, or Rugby league final. The general feeling of the place however was lost on the lack of coasters, forcing my beer to sit and form a dirty wet oval on the otherwise beautiful teak table. 7/10

Beers on tap: Variety. Lot’s of variety. There were the old favourites; Toohey’s New, Carlton Draught, XXX Gold, Toohey’s Extra Dry, Hahn Super Dry, Coopers Pale, Boags Draught, but no VB to my delight :). Then there were some premium stuff; Heineken, James Squire Golden Chancer Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale, a Bulmers Pear cider, a couple other international beers I did not recognize, their house brew the AB lager, as well as a confusing “Facebook” beer, which I had to be a member to ‘know about’. I myself enjoyed a Chancer Ale, which confused the bartender until I reminded him of the James Squire name change. I wasn’t trying to be a douche, the tap actually said Chancer. The name has changed. People should get used to it. 9/10

Prices: The bartender seemed a little unsure of the pricing, being confused as to whether it was happy hour or not. I payed $9.80 for a couple of Chancer’s, though he had originally said it was $9. Either way I gave him a 10er. I do recall the AB lager (the house brew) costing $2.80 a couple years ago when I had been before. Without enough research though, I’d have to say the current prices are a little cheaper than the average local depending on what beer you get. 8/10

Food: I didn’t have food, but I did give the menu a little browse. Nothing jumped out at me, NO $10 steak specials or anything. Overall the menu looked expensive and uninteresting, though perhaps the food was good. Either way, I’m no Food Critic.              (no rating)

Weekly What’s On: This was absent from as far as I could tell, whereas most pubs love to throw it in your face and give you a reason to come back every day for a different deal. All I could see was the there was a Ping Pong tournament every Sunday and that there was a chocolate fondue menu on offer every Friday and Saturday during July. Once again, nothing to entice me to come in mid-week during winter, but perhaps their regulars as well as functions make them enough money without needing the cheap deals to get you in. That and probably the pokies. 5/10

Pokies: Casino Style pokies room, large, open, 20-25 machines; Queen and King of the Nile, Where’s the Gold, good ole popular 5 Dragons, a few others I’d never seen before, and the hungriest machines of them all – Big Red. There were 4 or 5 relatively tame punters sitting back with the minumum all lines bet until the big man walked in holding a stack of $5o’s. The system they used was the cancel credit with the attendant coming out to pay you out. In terms of customer service it is good as you don’t have to leave your machine, however I feel it’s a little to manual for modern day pokies technology to be used anymore. 7/10

Service: Overall the service was good. A bartender greeted me without delay, well groomed and dressed with a nice smile. He made good conversation as he was pouring my beer and went on to tell me about some offers they had. It was good information but at the same time, he wasn’t too pushy which made it good. The beer went down well, however I was a little disappointed he did not offer me a chance at the “James Squire Chancer wheel” to spin and win a prize. 7.5/10

Overall: 7/10

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