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I finally did my monthly update of music. As I work in a club, I am constantly surrounded by all the latest tunes, hot off the satellite, mixing and mashing their way into our Saturday nights. So after a while, these certain songs which I never would have liked in the past become so embedded within my psyche that I feel the need to then add these songs to my own personal music library.

But these days it’s just so hard to escape the world of FREE music as it is literally everywhere. I sometimes consider spending the few dollars for some songs I want on iTunes, but it’s just too easy to go to another site and download it. I use to use Kazaa back in the day, then moved onto limewire. Now with them out of the picture I was thinking maybe the laws were finally getting tight enough and I’d finally have to start paying for music again.

But then I found another site, and there are countless more out there. Even music on Youtube these days is very easily downloadable, so its gotten to the stage where it is just impossible to make me have the NEED to buy music anymore.

Even the trailer/free play options you get on iTunes for the latest hits have been extended from 10 seconds, to about a minute of free listening, as the world of pay music has really hit a crossroads. Is it going to get to a stage where company’s will just give up on trying to sell music, and instead hand the job over to advertisers to give bands money. Perhaps bands and DJ’s will have to have product placement in their songs to even stay in the industry. Think about it, “Dance the night away…tonight we drinkin’ coke on the floor!” or “I need a Big mac, Big mac, Big mac is what I need Hey Hey!”

Who know’s what’s going to happen in the future, but even though the ‘illegal’ download industry is bigger than ever, artists are still finding ways to make millions of dollars. I don’t know when I’ll finally give in to paying for music, though it probably won’t be by choice if it ever happens. But for now, I’ll stick to listening to the trailer on iTunes, and getting the songs for FREE elsewhere.

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  1. What it will probably mean is that the price of a concert ticket will continue to rise and rise as it will be the only way these artists will be able to make the bling.

    • That’s also a good point. I think many artists have got to a stage where they have just accepted that their music is downloaded and in response many release free downloads for certain songs anyway, and rely on other ways to gain money ie. concerts as you mentioned, as well as advertising, and merchandise.

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