Ok, let’s try this again

So I’ve had a couple attempts at starting up a blog before which have seemingly ended in ‘epic fails’. Once again I have many ideas of things I want to write about, but I want to make sure these ideas come to light. So, as to not fall into the same trap where nothing gets posted and I give up on blogging again, let’s see what happened last time:

  • Too many ideas: I found that the more ideas I came up with the less I actually wrote.
  • Too lazy: I spent too much time staring into the depths of Facebook and watching series after series of TV episodes without getting off my ass and doing something productive.
  • Too busy: Working 30-40 hours a week, going to uni full time, and having a full time social calendar, has severely restricted the time in which I actually feel productive enough to write a blog
  • Too scared: After reading countless blogs I have realized that making a well read blog is something I would  love to do and I think I have a talent to do this. But the act of actually starting and writing, is such a daunting feeling, that sometimes it feels better to dream that I can write it than to suffer the pain of criticism when I finally do.
Now when I think of how to fix these ideas the only thing I can think of is to just keep myself motivated. I need to come up with a sort of goal and reward system so that I can keep a constant flow of words, eating up the page.

I have a plan for when I travel to the US next year to start a section entitled “The Starbucks Section”, or something more creative, where I will attempt to blog at least 100 words a day on my adventures through the US, where most blogs will be published in Starbucks, through their free WI-FI service.

But for now, I’m not quite sure what goals I want to stick to, but I’m thinkinghopinggoing to blog at least twice a week going to blog as often as I can. So if I can stick to that then I am sure this blog can finally grow and thrive into a thick flourishing tree with an abundance of branches and leaves, capturing and creating words every step of the way. And hopefully one that people will enjoy reading.

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  1. LukeIAmYourFather

    Is that Dan Gralton in the picture?

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