Talkback TV

Analog, digital, 3D…What’s next in this interactive summit our lives have hit in this revolutionary technology age. I was thinking the other day about the evolution of certain technologies and where they all stand. It’s PRINT vs SOUND vs MULTIMEDIA going head to head in a war of attrition. They are both moving at such an impecable speed that it is hard to say whether any will ever become redundant. Will 50 years from now we still be getting the morning paper from the shops? Will we still get the morning radio bulletins in the car? Will we still be watching the news on our, lets say 3D TV’s? Or will every form of news and entertainment converge into some kind of super internet hybrid?

It’s hard to say but what interests me the most is the ‘video killed the radio star’ debate. I thought for a time about the death of radio. Sure it’s joined the likes of digital television through its interactive and online features, but does it not get to a point where the two merge. With digital radio’s we’re starting to have pictures and now even internet feeds. Television now streams radio. So which is which? It’s like we’ve got a batter who can bowl, and a bowler who can bat, the more socitiety innovates, we’ll get to the point of a straight allround machine that does everything, won’t we?

Well one thing radio has always had is its interaction with the public. Sure television has it, but no where near to the extent and I argue if it ever will. I speak of TALKBACK RADIO. Sometimes a whole radio show will be about a persons opinion on something going on in society. Radio captures the essence of what the public wants, what they want to talk about, and streams it to the masses. Television has a form of lets say TALKBACK TV in live broadcasts, but it’s all scripted, public members chosen carefully, edited and manipulated music, camera engles, lighting. Bascially TALKBACK TV is really just not possible. Or atleast could never do justice to what radio does. This is but one reason I belive radio is still out there thriving.

Radio: Information for the masses-
Author: The masses.

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